Photographic coverage denounce hydropower impacts on Amazon

quarta-feira, dezembro 31st, 2014

Brazilian photographer bet on collective funding to show the before, during and after the construction of a hydroelectric dam in the Brazilian Amazon. To show the reality of uncertainty where the families of those affected by dams, the photojournalist Joka Madruga, who acts on behalf of the causes of social movements, launches his project “Water for Life”.

In Brazil, more than 1.2 million people live waiting for the day they will be forced to evacuate their homes. Are the families of those affected by dams constructions arising from the numerous hydropower plants exist or are under construction in the country.

The construction of hydroelectric dams alter the flow of rivers to form the dam, causing the disappearance of environments such as national parks, archaeological sites and indigenous territories, which are permanently flooded. Currently, there are over 1,100 hydroelectric operating in Brazil. The Brazilian Amazon already has 24 hydroelectric dams in operation. According to the Movement of People Affected by Dams (MAB), it is estimated that over 100 000 families are in this situation in the next ten years.

Another look

Joka want to spend the month of February 2015 in Wood (plants Jirau and San Antonio), Xingu (Belo Monte) and Tapajós rivers (Tapajós Complex), visiting riverbank families who are about to lose their homes, and with them, part of their traditions. He needs to raise $ 20,000 to fund structural expenditure.

The photos will result in the production of a photographic reportage on those affected by dams in the Amazon, which will be distributed to NGOs, trade unions, independent newspapers and blogs militant websites.

To raise this amount, Madruga proposes an exchange: who contributes, receives a reward in the form of virtual wall paper, printed or digital photos, t-shirts or advertising. Just choose what you would like to receive when making the contribution. It’s called “crowdfunding.”

To contribute to the project by the photographer Joka Madruga Amazonian rivers in search of families of those affected by hydroelectric dams, choose your reward with the following steps or help publicize the campaign “Water for life”.

To contribute, write to: [email protected]

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